Enticing jewelry guide to making your every occasion special!

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            Searching for an enticing piece of jewelry can be an arduous task. Whether you are looking for jewelry to give to your best girlfriend or yourself, finding the right jewelry piece is often difficult. Sometimes, we tend to be very indecisive about which jewelry piece goes with which outfit. And ladies, even on a casual day we can pull all-nighters going through our closet and jewelry drawers just to find the perfect outfit and jewelry for an office dinner, brunch, or a casual night out. 

Here is a comprehensive guide on what sort of jewelry pieces you can pick for each occasion.


1.    Office event:

For official events, it is best to choose jewelry pieces that are minimalistic and sophisticated. You don’t want to go overboard by wearing a heavy pearl necklace or big gemstone earrings. Opt for a subtle look by choosing bracelets, some rings, and dainty necklaces. Such as 14 Karat Gold Necklace with Cultured Freshwater Floating Pearl from HRM-JEWELRY.

2.    Brunch with the girls:

Surely brunch with the girls is a kind of laid-back occasion, but we still want to look our best in the most effortless way. And what’s more effortless than donning a nice pair of earrings that aren’t too flashy yet look amazing.

3.    Night out:

Night-outs are fun. We all like to dress up for a night out. Be it dancing in a club or just hanging out in a restaurant. 

For such occasions,  throw a pair of one heavy piece of jewelry, be it a necklace or earring, don’t do both as it could look tacky.  Also, adorn your fingers with some nice rings as well as bracelets. 

4.    Date night:

Depending on your date location, go for simple jewelry pieces like layered gold chains, bracelets, and simple hoop earrings for a casual date. And if you man is taking you out for some fancy dining, adorn a sophisticated pearl necklace or some nice pair of earrings that make you look heavenly so he can’t take his eyes off you. 

5.    Your wedding occasion:

For your wedding, you need perfect wedding ring sets for this joyous occasion. After all, you guys are finally tying the knot and vowing to each other the companionship for eternity. Also aside from the ring, you also need to search for the best jewelry to go with your dress. 

6.    Prom night:

For any high school kid, prom night is very important. Especially for girls. Finding the right dress and the right date is difficult in itself and choosing jewelry to go with the outfit is more taxing. 

Therefore it is better to search for good jewelers or online jewelry stores as soon as you pick your prom dress. Go with statement pieces for prom night. Like a good gold chain necklace or pretty bracelets, and rings.

7.    Engagement event:

If you think your significant other has finally decided to pop the question, first of all, congratulations. Secondly, do give him subtle hints on what your preference is when it comes to choosing engagement rings. This will make it easier on your guy so that he can make you, the love of his life, the happiest girl in the world. 

8.    Birthday gifts:

Well, your girl friend’s birthday is approaching and you don’t know what to give her?

Don’t worry, there are multiple choices when it comes to jewelry. As you know, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”! But remember, you don’t have to give her diamonds but you could find her a simple rose gold ring or another gemstone necklace that will make her love you even more. 

If you are a teenager or a student, you can give your friend a charm bracelet or a simple friendship bracelet. These items are loved by girls of that age and it is a testament to your friendship with each other. 

9.   Daily-wear jewelry:

  1.       A lot of girls/women like to wear jewelry on a daily basis. For women of each age group here are a few options to upgrade your daily jewelry game. High school going/ teenagers:

               Opt for simple jewelry pieces. Like charm bracelets, gold chains, stud earrings. This gives off a clean and                  younger look that you as a teenager will surely rock.       

       2.     College students:

As a woman in her early twenties, you want to experiment with your look or maybe look like a grown-up and leave behind your high school soul. To achieve this, first, you must change your outfit choices. And then opt for jewelry to complement your new style. Most college students keep experimenting with their style. 

For those who have minimalistic style, the best sort of jewelry pieces are dangly earrings, stone studs, and layered necklaces with pendants. And for the experimental ones, go for statement pieces and just experiment with all sorts and get to know your vibe.  


        3.     Office working women:

Office women need to present a clean and chic image. For them, it is better to style their outfit and jewelry in a more job-appropriate fashion. Depending on the sort of industry they work in, the outfit and jewelry must be taken into account. For example, women working in fashion are more experimental and go for pieces that complement them without much of a restriction. But in industries with heavy workloads, it’s better to opt for minimum jewelry wear.


10. Family dinner:

Whether you are meeting the parents of your significant other or it is just a family dinner with your parents, it is better to go for a breezy look. With some statement rings, some dainty bracelets, and your favorite gold chain. Don’t go overboard. Especially if you have invited someone for the first time over to your place. Because wearing a lot of heavy jewelry pieces can make you look uptight and a bit unwelcoming. 


Bottom line:

Hope this guide helps you in finding the best jewelry for every occasion. There is honestly no one way of dressing up and choosing your jewels. Do what you feel like with your style and keep shining like a diamond.





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