1.  Wearing Jewelry will always make you feel good, Mama says, Mama says!
  2.  LEARN TO LAUGH and try to learn three jokes every month
  3.  Show respect says HRM’S MAMA unless your mama is despicable and if so disregard the tip
  4.  WE LOVE YOU; MAMA says you should remember to tell people you care about that you love them 
  5.  We hope ALL MAMA’S remind us to try to improve ourselves daily 
  6.  Carry jumper cables in your trunk says HRM and his MAMA 
  7.  Remember other people’s birthdays and buy them a piece of beautiful jewelry from HRM   JEWELRY
  8.  Clean and polish your shoes like all MAMA’S do
  9.  MAMA says: We are all beautiful so believe in yourself 
  10.  MAMA 101 reminds all of us to go back to basics and say the magic words please and thank   you a lot
  11.  If MAMA can be positive then you too can strive to be a positive person
  12.  Stay away from negative people because as MAMA says they bring you down 
  13.  Drink half a gallon of water a day to keep your skin hydrated says HRM’S MAMA
  14.  (KISS) or Keep it simple stupid is a saying MAMA picked up along the way
  15.  Tell the truth, it’s your best OFFENSE and we all know our MAMA knows best
  16.  ONLY A POSITIVE MAMA would remind each of us to leave your situation better than you   found it
  17.  Think big, but cherish your small victories LIKE buying yourself a magnificent pearl necklace 
  18.  Watch a sunrise and a sunset with your MAMA or best friend says HRM’S matriarch
  19.  Floss and if you can and try to brush at least two times per day says our MADAM
  20.  When you think you deserve a raise then ask for one says, MAMA
  21.  Always forgive yourself and others, you’re doing it for yourself NOT them says MAMA   JEWELRY 
  22.  OUR MAMA wants us all to be kind to people who serve us and make sure you give them a   nice tip
  23.  MAMA: You can’t spoil your kids and remember, you can never show them too much love or kindness
  24.  ALL moms say: Have a strong handshake and look the person in the eyes
  25.  Cherish your friends but make new ones often says HRM’S MAMA
  26.  A good mom teaches her crew to Always take responsibility for themselves and never try to blame others
  27.  Keep all secrets to yourself and bury them in your garden says MAMA HRM
  28.  A dog or cat can be a wonderful companion, especially our dog in our blog
  29.  If you can, adopt a child who needs you and who you need: says HRM JEWELRY BOUTIQUE’S   MOM 
  30.  MAMA says you should remember to give your time and love to your kids and not your money
  31.  ALL GOOD MAMA’S say: Teach your kids to fly because you won’t be around forever
  32.  Say hello first and be a leader, quotes MAMA 101 
  33.  Plant a tree and plant some flowers because they are HRM JEWELRY BOUTIQUE’S favorite
  34.  Stop blaming other people, says our proud MAMA
  35.  Help people in need is one of the golden rules all our MAMA’S taught us
  36.  It’s OK to say you don’t know, says our JEWELRY MAMA
  37.  No matter your religion; read Corinthians 13 and learn about Love so you can stay with your partner, says Mama
  38.  YOU KNOW WHO wants us all to keep our promises 
  39.  MAMA COMMON SENSE: if it’s good in the beginning, it will be good in the middle and the end
  40.  Marry for love ALWAYS says our MAMA
  41.  And call your mother often; she loves you 
  42.  Be happy in the now with YOURSELF, tomorrow might not BE


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